Create your own masterpiece

Commissioning original art is a priceless experience!

Commissioning art lets you join in on the creative process. Thomas will draw, sketch and paint based on your input and imagination! You help to guide and direct the colors and styles, then he will inject his versatile techniques and creative eye. If you are imaginative, but not artistic, commissioning allows you to join in on the fun. Most importantly, it allows you to ultimately create the perfect piece that is truly one-of-a-kind.

Original commissioned pieces are the perfect gift and statement of affection. Art is a luxury good. It's personalization makes it unforgettable. Giving someone a piece of unique, custom art that caters to their personal style, brings back a monumental memory, or immortalizes a loved one is a priceless gesture.

When you're choosing the right artist to commission a special piece, it's imperative that you choose the right artist for your needs. Here are several elements to consider and questions to ask before making the investment into a customized original piece of artwork.

Tips to Commissioning An Artist

- Understand the artist's availability and turnaround time
- They should be accessible and approachable
- Consider the style and look you are desiring
- Request a portfolio and references
- Get a quote and other documentation

Contact Thomas today to begin discussions around your work of art!