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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you do home shows or business events?
Yes I can do private home shows so you can see the artwork in the setting you are needing it for. I also do private events such as fundraising, social gatherings or business events. If needed, I can also help you set up the advertising for your event. Please call 720-219-4360 to set up your showing.
Can you make custom art for home or business?
Yes, I work with many clients to design something specific, art that they may have seen before and want for their personal collection. Also working with interior designers on a home, space or business.
Do you deliver and ship to other states or cities?
Yes we can ship directly to your home or place of business. In special cases, we may deliver the artwork personally within the Denver-Metro area.
Can I come and view your work at your studio?
Yes, by appointment I would be happy to show you my other works of art.
Do you have work that is not on your site?
Yes, I am constantly working on new images that may not be on the site.
Do you do portraits of people or pets?
Yes I can do portraits, sitting or working off of good detailed photos/images.